The Violin Player

Francina Ramos, the director, was born in Córdoba, Argentina, in May 28th, 1999, but spent almost her entire life in Brazil. She’s the granddaughter of the painter Guido Bogetti, who also lives in Brazil and her grand granduncle was the famous painter Molina Rosa.

She’s an illustrator and an amateur filmmaker. Cinema became her passion since her early days. She use to learn by herself but she also made several courses. She works tirelessly on her draws, illustrations and paints but she also has time to go to school, to play with her dolls, and to study history and languages.

She started talking at 4, at that time her parents had already consulted many professionals thinking that something was wrong but she spoke when she decided to. Her first language is Portuguese. Today she speaks fluently three languages: Portuguese, English and Spanish and she’s learning Italian.

At the age of 7, only three years after she started to talk, she made a talk about Egyptian history for colleagues and professors of her Brazilian school.

In 2008 she won the national draws competition “Maurício 50 years”, obtaining a prize given in São Paulo, Brazil, by Maurício de Souza, the creator of “Monica and friends”.

In October 2014, with 14 years old, she made her first individual exposition of draws, paints and illustrations, at Dante Alighieri’s Society in Córdoba Province, Argentina. “Immaginario” was declared an Exposition of Cultural Interest by the Province Governor’s Hall.

Today she lives with her family in a small village surrounded by Córdoba’s mountains. She goes to school, plays tennis, learns new languages, has some special friends but over that all she works on her illustrations and write little tales that are part of her dreams like The Violin Player.

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